Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Full- time Entrepreneur

I've been away from my blog for quite awhile.  Not due to lack of activity, that I can assure you. Rather- too much of it! While that might not seem like a bad thing, my life became far from efficient or organized. Most times it felt like throwing a bunch of spaghetti at a wall to see what stuck! Sure there was success! But there were also set-backs, failures, spinning wheels, frustrations, and melt downs. Lots of melt downs.

Over the past few months I came to a realization . While I've had an entrepreneurial spirit and many endeavors over the past several years, I was lacking one simple thing...the mind set! If I learned anything from the hundreds of hours binge watching Sharktank, it was that entrepreneurs need to have an "all in" mindset. Those who have a dream and a passion don't just dip their toes in the water, they dive in waist deep! Having that kind of skin in the game allows for the focus necessary to do what it takes to be successful, no matter what.

With this in mind, along with a dream and a vision, I did what any rational human being would do...I quit my job!

I'm now a full-time entrepreneur baby!!

I'm back and better than ever before!

This is my journey :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mentorship, Leadership, and So Much More...

There have been a few issues weighing heavily on my mind as of late and I would like to share my thoughts in a public forum in hopes for comments, suggestions, and/or feedback.  I've slipped on the upkeep of this blog, and for that I do apologize. I would like to keep this running for any longer stories, makeup tips, or tricks I can share, but I've heard a Tumblr page might be more effective.  Any thoughts?

Okay, now for the heart of the matter.  It is my belief that if you are in a position of influence ( mentor, leader, educator, advisor etc) it is your obligation to speak honestly, truthfully, and with education on whatever topic, concern, or question it is that you are addressing. "Obligation" isn't even the proper word because I feel that it has a negative connotation.  I believe it is your duty, blessing, and privelage! I am absolutely baffled by the sheer number of people who, when presented with a question they don't know the answer to, or conversing on a topic they know nothing about, simply make it up.  It's preposterous!  Someone is coming to you seeking education, guidance, or wisdom and you have the audacity to dismiss them by answering them with something that may be less than accurate?  Now I understand that that may sound drastic.   I'm sure the first thought that crosses someone's mind isn't "Oh I'm going to be completely disrespectful by answering with the first thing that I come up with"...but isn't that what happens? And I've been guilty of it too, trust me.

I'm a Makeup Artist and come from a beauty and film background, but I do not know everything and would never claim to. Now if I'm addressed with a question I don't know the answer to, whether it's an ingredient in a product or the way to achieve a look, I do the research! I think the problem is people are so focused on immediacy and instant gratification that they lose sight of the end result.  We put so much weight on a title or appearance of professionalism rather than the actual act. The expectation and assumption that because we are a Makeup Artist, or Teacher, or Financial Advisor we should be able to answer every question in that field because that makes us sound professional...and if we sound professional everyone will believe us, no matter the amount of BS we employed to pull it off.  This will get us respect.  WRONG!  You EARN respect by the way you treat others, the way you handle your career, and the EDUCATION with which you guide others.  I would much rather tell someone "I don't know, but I will be happy to find the answer for you
or send you some information" than disseminate a web of misinformation.  The spoken word is powerful and I think we tend to overlook that.  People talk. As fast as a lie can spread, so too can misinformation and it is much harder to retrain the brain than to train it properly from the get go.

I think it is time to start focusing on a solution. Start thinking. Time to stop focusing on "I" and "you" solely, and start looking at the whole equation:  What can "I" do to help "you" so that "we" can move forward. THAT is professionalism.  THAT earns respect.  It's not about how fast you can come up with an answer, but how hard you will work toward a solution.

Maybe I've gone off on a tangent, maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on something so simple as a wrongfully answered question...but something tells me that instances so overlooked as that have ruined businesses and brought down empires simply because of the snowball effect.  So lastly, as I wrap this up, don't trust anyone elses's word on something that's important to you.  Do your own research.  Your success, your health, your passion, your education, your dreams are yours and yours alone.  You are the only one living your life so don't let anyone else do it for you!

Maleeva xoxo

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot Lips

As the heat continues to boil I know the less on your face, the better you feel. That doesn't mean you can't have a complete look! Check out this page on four excellent products that will leave you looking flawless no matter the heat index. 4 steps- that's it!

Motives® Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger Tips and Trends | Market America

Now if you are feeling sassy, add a brightly colored lip. I don't know about you, but I've been all about the hot, vibrant lips this summer! Especially when everyone is going natural, beach goddess- why not pump up the volume on your pout? Check out my favorite lip liner in Cotton Candy. I use it on my entire lip for some great staying power and then add a light plumper gloss or Vitamin E Lip Treatment for some added shine. Emma Stone is rocking it!

Would you try this color?

Maleeva xoxo

Sunday, July 24, 2011


If you are still with me out there- I applaud you! I am super sorry for not having updated as much as I should have, but while I've slacking in updates I most certainly have not been slacking in business. Many new and exciting things have/are/will be happened/ing and I'll brief you in on just a few of them.

First off: I worked on a film at the beginning of the year with Award-Winning Director Robert X. Golphin where I met SFX Makeup Artist Delia de Cock (I know, I know- that's really her last name). She was amazing and even though she was keying the film she still had me do the lead actress. Recently collaborated on both a wedding and an FX photoshoot (pictured below) with me as the subject. She is an excellent contact and becoming a good friend and I relish the opportunity to collaborate in the near future!

Also while I've been away from you I've brought on two more partners and was charged with the national expansion of the Motives Cosmeceutical line in my organization! When I'm not bartending or on set, I'm sitting down with professionals in the industry to get their opinions on this incredible brand as well as teaching salons how to incorporate it into their businesses. On top of that I've also been doing custom blended mineral foundations and learning airbrushing (pauses to catch breath). It's been quite the busy few months, but very rewarding! I've done another Preston and Steve's: Philly's Hottest shoot and so hopefully I'll be able to share those pictures soon. I've also been contacted by one of my producers and offered 3 feature length films with the first beginning production in October. I'm really excited about the possibility of not only traveling and doing film full time, but becoming a producer. Pray for me! :)

I'll keep you posted! No...really....I will.

Make it a good day!

Maleeva xoxo

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's the start of a new year and the sky is NOT the limit! (was that cheesy enough of a start for you ?) It's two and a half weeks into January and I've been a busy bee with both my internet and makeup businesses. There are some new and exciting things that I want to share involving the latter, but first I'd like to take a moment and share two things, insecurities or flaws if you will, that I have dealt with and how I have overcome them. I only hope that in sharing these I'll be able to help someone else move forward as well.

First: Fear of Failure. I think it is something that everyone deals with at some point in their life and is something that used to paralyze my growth. Whenever presented with a new opportunity, I would doubt myself to the point of almost not taking the job. With my internet business, I would fret so much about talking to someone on the phone that I wouldn't even pick it up. A person who thrives in a social environment afraid to pick up the phone. Funny right? I've been told though that the most successful people are those who have failed the most and CEO and Entrepreneur J.R. Ridinger is known to say "Hurry up and fail so you can succeed". This is what I had to do. I researched, I read, and I developed posture. I accepted that I'm not going to know everything, but I can learn anything. If there was a makeup look that I didn't know or a problem on location that I couldn't troubleshoot myself, I got help! No one thought less of me and probably weren't even the wiser. Surprisingly, most people don't expect you to know it all, but the humility and willingness to learn or find out the answer is what will attract others to you. Did I sound like a fool the first time I talked to someone on the phone about my vision or my business? Probably. But I found out what worked and what didn't and never made the same mistake twice. You can't say the right thing to the wrong person and the wrong thing to the right person. Go ahead and put yourself out there!
The sooner you do the sooner that insecurity will disappear.

Second: Being a "Yes man". The Jim Carrey movie, while funny, can carry some serious repercussions in the business world. I am still dealing with this problem today because I am a people pleaser and love to yes to anyone and everyone. I'll get so excited about a project or event that I'll say yes before I even know what the commitment is! The problem with this is that I often find myself over-stretched with serious time management problems. I don't like to do anything I can't do 100% and yet this is exactly what I've been setting myself up for. I find myself saying yes to projects I don't have the time for and I end up letting people down. Don't do this to yourself! I am sure that someone would rather you be honest and say no (for whatever reason) than have you say yes and not be able to deliver. No matter how excited I am about a project I need to take a step back, see what other commitments I have going on (events, business, family, etc.) and then make a decision based on what is best for the person or project asking. Also, learn to prioritize and rearrange. What's more important? Your mother's, second cousin's baby dog's birthday or a charity networking event raising money for breast cancer awareness. That's for you to decide.

Now onto the fun stuff! I have a brand new partner Yvette who is becoming a skincare consultant and who will help me focus on helping salons. I'm excited to have someone to bounce ideas off of and also someone to help handle the workload for maximum efficiency. We hosted a kickoff event at her house yesterday to a wonderful turnout! We had many women interested in makeup and skincare, as well as other products, and I even got to test out my new brush set with some makeovers :) A salon owner was there so I can only hope that she was impressed. I think the makeup speaks for itself and she would be a wonderful person to test market the salon audience with. You can check out my new 15 piece, professional brush set at the link below. Firm but soft bristles allow for great layering and the angled eye liner brush is sensational!

Motives® Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

I already have the subjects for my next few blog posts including more events, a new movie, and a trip to MIAMI!!!!

Have a wonderful and productive week!


Maleeva xoxo

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution

It's January 2nd, so of course everyone has been busy thinking about (and hopefully writing down) their New Year's Resolutions. Mine probably mirror some of yours: get healthy, exercise more, procrastinate less, be more tolerant ;) etc,. But instead of just focusing on my career and self-growth, I'm going to focus on helping other people realize their dreams and become successful. In my line of work I have found that I've had the most fun when I am sharing the experience with others and it's about time young entrepreneurs make a move in this economy. I firmly believe that we are going to be the push that begins to right the world and there's no better time to start than the present.

This blog is going to follow me along the way. It will not only be a place to find my adventures in beauty with the latest trends, products, and tips, and pictures, but also a place for individuals to learn about becoming successful and achieving their dreams. I'd like for it to incorporate a little bit of everything! Call it The Diary of a Young Entrepreneur: Ups, Downs, and Everything in Between. I'm laying myself open to the world, are you ready for an adventure?

I'm making the promise to myself to be able to look back on 2011 and say "Wow, what a fantastic year!".

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Light and Love,

Maleeva xoxo

P.S. Updating regularly is a part of this resolution ;)

Haydenfilms Institute's Red Carpet Gala: Eugene Byrd (from "Bones"), myself (on the right), and some Kutztown Highschoolers (including my sister in the purple). The exciting story, and hopefully more pictures, to come in my next post :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Since it's November first, I will be posting about the great month of October- obvi (I'm running a bit behind aren't I??) ! Even though I'm a warm weather girl, October is my absolute favorite month! From cider to autumn leaves, pumpkin patches and Halloween to scarves and cute jackets, October is by far the best. And what a busy month it was!

In makeup news, I filmed my first ever TV pilot! Hopefully being looked at by FX and Comedy Central, this "Wings" meets "The Office" sitcom will have you rolling. Let me tell you though, shooting at an airport was no easy task. All of the rules and time constraints we had to abide by PLUS getting my makeup case through TSA- not the easiest circumstances for filmmaking but definitely the most rewarding. The cast and crew was incredible and I even worked with a few "celebrities" (Jeremy Axworthy, a UK child star from the 50's/60's and the little girl on all of the Barbie boxes). I've also topped my list of the most interesting places I've ever done makeup! My new #1: A gutted Fed-Ex cargo plane- check out the pic:

What's even more exciting- Jeremy is being funded by a council in Germany to film a spy movie and we might be going to Berlin next year to shoot! Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Now for other Fall fun: Halloween Activities! This year I got to cross off a bunch of October to-dos including a pumpkin patch and hayride, carving pumpkins (although my Peter Pan and Tinkerbell was never fully finished), flashlight corn maze, trick-or-treating, and of course- a Halloween party. My costume this year was a forensic anthropologist from the TV show "Bones". A combination of Angela Montenegro's style and Temperance Brennan's haircut and Jeffersonian ID Badge (thank you Faceinhole.com). Only after I put together my costume did I realize my little brother's skeleton costume fit rather perfectly. We make a good pair! :

What did you do for October??

Maleeva xoxo